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Make biodiesel!

PRODUCTION OVERVIEW: Biodiesel is most commonly made by chemically altering an organic oil through the use of a catalyst and an alcohol. The chemical reaction that occurs through this process breaks down the oil molecules and replaces the glycerin portion of the molecule with an alcohol molecule. The glycerin falls to the bottom and is drained off resulting in Biodiesel. The Biodiesel is then typically washed, to remove any extra impurities and is then used as a fuel in a diesel engine without making any modifications to the engine. Biodiesel is known chemically as a 'fatty acid methyl ester'. Which is just a fancy way of saying it's a product made from Methanol and an organic oil with fatty acid chains in it. It is easily made and has many benefits, including environmentally friendlier tailpipe emissions and improved engine performance. Below is a guide to some of the things you'll need to know to get started. If you would like try to make biodiesel at home, you can read it the site below: http://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com/biodieselbasics.php

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Biodiesel, or vegetable oil?

Vegetable oils and their derivatives, commonly referred to as "biodiesel", are prominent candidates as alternative diese fuels. They have advanced from being purely experimental fuels to initial stages of commercialization. They are technically competitive with do offer technical advantages compared diesel fuel. Besides being a renewable and domestic resource, biodiesel reduces most emissions while engine performance and fuel economy are nearly identical compared to conventional fuels. Several problems, however, remain, witch include economics, combustion, some emissions, lube oil contamination, and low-temperature properties. An overview on all aspects of biodiesel is presented.
If you would like to read more from these train of thought look at this page: http://www.biodieselgear.com/documentation/VegetableOilsAsAlternativeDieselFuels.pdf

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About biodiesel

(from wikipedia) Biodiesel refers to a non-petroleum-based diesel fuel consisting of short chain alkyl (methyl or ethyl) esters, typically made by transesterification of vegetable oils or animal fats, which can be used (alone, or blended with conventional petrodiesel) in unmodified diesel-engine vehicles. Biodiesel is distinguished from the straight vegetable oil (SVO) (aka "waste vegetable oil", "WVO", "unwashed biodiesel", "pure plant oil", "PPO") used (alone, or blended) as fuels in some converted diesel vehicles. "Biodiesel" is standardized as mono-alkyl esters and other non-diesel fuels of biological origin are not included.

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